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How to Shine in Your Life

One of the greatest mistakes that people make today is the external pursuit of happiness.

Imagine, for a moment, that each and every one of us is born with a bright and shiny diamond inside us. The many facets reflect light and represent our unique gifts and talents.

However! As we move through life... right from childhood... we are bombarded with programming from parents, teachers and well-meaning caregivers... as well from TV, movies and friends. Some are positive however some are negative and are installed like bad code, into our mind. This bad code runs like a computer program.. pretty much forever until we start to engage in therapy and inner work. You can also view this bad code as a blanket that is throw over your diamond, dulling your shine.

Add to that the installation of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame. As a small child... the first time to deal with each of these emotions effectively (and appropriate to your small age)... your mind also stores that strategy like code. However as you get older, unless you develop your emotions... those childhood strategies become outdated and more blankets are thrown over your diamond.

Add traumatic experiences like your first heart break or a failed exam into the mix. You guessed it - more blankets! By the time you have reached your 40's... unless you engage in therapy, your shine has been heavily dimmed and sadly your unique gifts and talents lay dormant, hidden beneath these blankets (the trauma and negative programs).

This is where therapy comes into play. I help my clients rapidly remove the blankets from their diamond... restoring their shine from the inside out. Essentially I facilitate a process whereby we rapidly remove negative programs from their unconscious mind and the result is nothing short of magnificent. My clients suddenly find themselves able to "see" things they could not previously see. They attract opportunities, wealth, health, relationships and more. It is quite incredible. When the blankets are remove, their outside world begins to reflect upon their inner shine.

If this speaks to you, why not drop me a note at .

Have a brilliant day!

Vinita xo

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