I'm Vinita TEMMERT 

Are your thoughts keeping you up at night?

It’s my goal to help you create a life you love.

 By working together, I can help you rapidly master your midlife years.

You are a high achiever so I know you have incredible thoughts and ideas. The problem is, you lie awake at night, endlessly ruminating and struggling to switch your brain off.

I have been in your shoes and I know exactly how you feel.

Vinita Temmert, Mindshift, Psychologist, Neuroscience, inner critic

The truth is, feeling lost in life can result in adverse health conditions like cumulative sleep deprivation, tinnitus, anxiety and more. 

Feeling lost, stuck or blocked in life can...

  • Ruins your days

  • Reduces your ability to think

  • Renders you dysfunctional, and leaves you snapping at everyone around you

I'm Vinita Temmert, international Midlife Mastery Coach and specialist in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Neuroscience-based Coaching . I'm here to help you save yourself from another day of frustration and fast track your life to one of strength, confidence and magic! I've had the absolute pleasure of working with clients in-person in 70 countries. ´I am ready to coach YOU online today...!

Vinita Temmert, Mindshift Coach, Psychologist, Neuroscience, Coach, Expert, Inner Critic Coach


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Vinita Temmert

Johann-Strauss Str. 30, 14513, Teltow, Germany

VAT ID: DE267501210

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